Governor Gordon displeased with Rocky Mountain Power’s coal study

Gov 4-29-19

Governor Mark Gordon expressed his displeasure at Rocky Mountain Power’s coal study. This study is not a final decision, but the utility that operates in Wyoming and other Western states is continuing to examine the early retirement of coal-fired power units in Lincoln and Sweetwater counties. Those power plants employ hundreds of people as do the mines that supply them with coal.

“I am deeply concerned to learn about this path that Rocky Mountain Power is moving down. This has significant impacts on all of Wyoming and revenue for schools and other services we all depend on. It also means a loss of jobs and changing people’s lives,” Governor Gordon said.

“The potential for early retirements of some coal-fired power plants means we drift further away from finding solutions for reducing carbon emissions at all coal-fired power plants, those plants in Wyoming and across the globe. I will be very engaged with Rocky Mountain Power over the coming months as they move towards finalizing decisions. I will advocate for a positive path where this utility and others are part of developing solutions rather than destroying communities and delaying progress on meaningful technological advances that keeps coal as part of a diverse energy portfolio and also address climate change.”

Gov. Gordon also urges people who want to give input on this issue get involved because Rocky Mountain Power is taking comments at this time and has a lot of information available on its website at