Governor Gordon Pleased with Final Marton Ranch BLM Decision

Governor Mark Gordon received the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) final environmental assessment (EA) and decision record that provided supplemental analysis to the Marton Ranch Acquisition EA. On June 26, the BLM Casper Field Office announced the completion of their supplemental analysis of the Marton Ranch purchase and incorporation of state agency and public comments into their final document. 

This final supplemental EA is a result of a settlement agreement between Wyoming and the BLM following the BLM’s purchase of the 35,670-acre Marton Ranch. The State of Wyoming appealed the BLM’s decision to the Department of Interior’s Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) in June 2022 and reached a settlement with the BLM and IBLA in October 2022.

The BLM agreed to provide additional opportunities for state agencies and public comments and supplement its environmental analysis. About 350 comments were received by the BLM in the 21-day comment period, with 44 comments noted as being substantial. Comments were incorporated into the final EA published and signed this week, which should bring a conclusion to this matter. Planning regarding the BLM’s management of the property will take place in the near future and include public comments and state and county involvement. 

“I thank the state BLM for recognizing the need for additional public comment and analysis. The Wyoming and Casper BLM offices have conducted the necessary work of prioritizing and incorporating public and agency-specific comments into this supplemental analysis. I am not surprised that there were substantial and meaningful comments submitted by the public and state agencies. I am encouraged to see the public interest in participating in the planning processes for the future of this incredible area,” Governor Gordon stated.

 “This land, like the people and businesses reliant on multiple-use and public access of public lands, has tremendous potential. I am confident that any future land exchanges involving the BLM will follow the proper process,” the Governor added. “Wyoming landowners have the right to make their own decisions about their property, even if it means selling it to the Federal government. However, the Federal government has the responsibility to see the process is fair and transparent”