Governor Praises BLM Record of Decision on Pipeline Corridor Initiative As Paving the Way for Carbon Capture Projects

Gov 1-20-21

Governor Gordon has praised the completion of an environmental review and release of a Record of Decision for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI) as a critical step for enabling a carbon capture facility to be built in Wyoming.

“The signing of this Record of Decision is an important piece of the puzzle as Wyoming continues to be a trailblazer on the path to establish a carbon capture facility,” Governor Gordon said. “The corridor initiative will greatly speed up the permitting process and further the business case to construct commercial carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) projects in Wyoming.”

The State of Wyoming has worked for almost a decade on a plan to dedicate a CO2 pipeline corridor system serving most of Wyoming. Designated corridors under the WPCI would enable transportation of C02 from sources to where it could be sold, sequestered, or used in enhanced oil recovery. Pipeline development is focused in existing federal energy corridors or adjacent to existing pipeline infrastructure for approximately 95 percent of the corridor network.

The initiative designates almost 2,000 miles of corridors across private, state, and BLM-managed lands in Wyoming for potential pipeline development associated with CCUS, as well as pipelines and facilities associated with enhanced oil recovery.  Information on the project and links to all the project documents can be found on the project’s ePlanning site at