Governor to Advance Opportunities for Mental Health Improvements with Town Hall Meetings Starting in Powell and Worland

Governor Mark Gordon continues to work on solutions to improve mental health care in Wyoming. To further explore community perspectives on this important issue, the Governor is launching a series of Town Hall meetings. This will start with an upcoming visit to the Bighorn Basin. 

The Governor will host the first in a series of mental health Town Halls on October 25th in Powell and Worland. The discussions are open to the public and aimed at fostering open conversations with community members and partners about efforts underway to increase awareness of available resources and improve access to care. Representatives of the executive, legislative and judicial branches are expected to attend, as well as local elected officials.

“Wyoming’s smaller communities have unique strengths and also specific needs when it comes to access to mental health resources,” Governor Gordon said. “These important face-to-face conversations are intended to see how we can be most effective in making a difference for those who are struggling.”

Governor Gordon is prioritizing improving access to mental health resources. The Health Care Task Force is working to identify barriers, opportunities, and gaps in the network of mental health and substance abuse care in the state. The Town Halls are an opportunity to hear from local communities with firsthand experience of this issue. Additional Town Halls will be announced in the near future. 

The Governor encourages active participation from residents, urging them to join these meetings and contribute to this vital conversation. “Your insights and experiences are invaluable.  Already, great grassroots work has begun in the Bighorn Basin. Together, we can further develop strategies that improve care and result in meaningful changes,” the Governor added.

Powell Mental Health Town Hall

10 am-Noon

Northwest College

Fagerberg Building, Room 70 

231 W 6th Street, Powell

Worland Mental Health Town Hall

2-4 pm

Wyoming Boys School Auditorium

1550 US-20, Worland