Guess I’ll be using my 50-year-old camper this year

I had hoped to have a very nice camper to use for the summer, but that plan got scuttled. Luckily for my rodeo and camping plans, I still have my 1968 Aristocrat to tug around.

I talked to an RV dealer in Casper a few weeks ago, and the sales manager seemed very interested in letting me use one of their campers for the summer. I have rodeos lined up just about every weekend, and I want to visit some state and national parks between rodeos. It would have been a great partnership. I’d have had a comfortable place to sleep, and the RV dealer would have gotten some relatively inexpensive advertising.

Unfortunately, the dealer’s bank didn’t see it the same way. The banker put the brakes on our scheme. They hope to hook me up to a living-quarters horse trailer next summer, though, so I’ll just make do with my little Aristocrat camper until then.

My first outing of the year with the Aristocrat had some trouble, too, though. I had to go to Elizabeth, Colorado, last weekend to shoot their community rodeo, and I was going to take the Aristocrat along as my temporary home. But with two feet of wet, heavy snow on my driveway, it was all I could do to get my truck out by itself. There was no way I was going to risk trying to drag a 51-year-old camper out, too.

I was bummed I couldn’t take the camper, though. I’d have had a chance to test the heater, because the temperature dropped down into the 20s on Saturday night. We had the heater’s propane hoses replaced last year, and we haven’t had the opportunity to see how the heat works.

I’ll get plenty more chances, though. My next chance might be in Craig, Colorado, next weekend at the Grand Old West Days rodeo, and maybe a night at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, too. I’ll let you know how it works.