Gunman Shoots 3 At Cheyenne Nursing Home

By Staff 9-14,2016

A resident of a Cheyenne nursing home shot three people at the home, killing one, before fleeing and killing himself.  He has been identified as 77 year old Larry Rosenberg.

Cheyenne Police public information officer Dan Long says officers responded to an active shooter situation around 11am Wednesday morning at 3912 Gregg Way at the Heritage Court Apartments in northeast Cheyenne.  When officers arrived on scene two people were shot outside of the complex and one inside.  Long said one of the victims is confirmed dead, no word on the other two victims at this time.  The victims were transported to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

“The shooter was a resident of this location.  He shot three people, one is confirmed dead.  The suspect left the area, he was found at Hot Springs and Chestnut  and as officers approached he did shoot himself, he is confirmed dead.”

Long said Rosenberg shot himself with a handgun and that a small rifle was found at the scene of Gregg Way.

A witness to the shooting, who lives right across the street, and who did not wish to be identified, said it appeared that Rosenberg may have had a beef with the victims.

“I started hearing shots over there, it sounded like a .22 caliber rifle.  I looked over there and the guy is shooting at the two people who were sitting over there almost at point blank.  Another gal came walking around the corner, a young gal, he opened the door for her and didn’t shoot her but then he shot someone else inside.  Then he got on the bike and took off.  It was pretty apparent that he had a beef with those two people.”

Long said right now they don’t have a motive for the shooting, and the names of the victims will not be released until next of kin are notified.