Help save light geese by hunting them

The light goose conservation order is open right now. And with the liberal limits, between now and April 7, you could fill several freezers with goose meat.

Snow geese, blue geese and Ross’ geese are pretty plentiful. The trouble is, there are so many of them, they could be their own downfall.

The breeding and nesting grounds these light geese flock to in the spring are getting pounded. Part of the trouble is that there isn’t as much area for the birds as there was a few decades ago. Between human-caused disturbances and natural changes in the environment, wetlands are disappearing. There isn’t enough habitat for all the birds anymore.

As hunters, we have a duty to protect these birds and their habitat. That duty comes in two forms. The first is to do whatever we can to prevent the loss of more habitat. Giving to charitable organizations that help save the existing wetlands or create more is a good first step. Ducks Unlimited is the leader in wetland restoration and protection. Join your local chapter and give what you can, either in money or in time. Every little bit helps.

The second part of that duty is actually fun. To save the habitat, it’s necessary to thin the flocks. Until April 7, do what you can to protect light geese by getting out in the field and taking a few of them home with you.

The limit on snows, blues and Rosses is 20 a day. There is no possession limit. You do have to have a 2019 Wyoming bird license, a Wyoming conservation stamp and a conservation order special management permit. You don’t need a duck stamp or a HIP stamp for the light goose conservation order.

If you have a shotgun with a plug, you can take the plug out for hunting during the special season, but don’t forget to put it back in. You’ll need it for all other bird hunting in Wyoming.

 You have to use non-toxic shot, just as you do in the regular waterfowl season. But during the light goose season, you can use recorded or electronically amplified calls.

So get your Ducks Unlimited membership paid up, buy some steel number threes and head out to the field. Do your part to protect the light goose breeding grounds.