Hunters and shooters make stocking stuffer ideas easy

If you have stockings to stuff and no ideas about what to stuff into them, you’re in luck – as long as you have stocking unstuffers who like to hunt, fish or just get outside from time to time.

Stocking stuffers are always my least favorite thing to shop for. I can never think of good little gifts to put in them, and when I do find something, it’s almost always too expensive. Except for when I’m shopping for stocking stuffers that are related to hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoors-type activities.

There’s a ton of stuff in any sporting goods shop that makes good stocking stuffers. Head lamps, flashlights, lighters, and little first-aid kits are great ideas. My wife gave me a really cool survival gadget a few years ago with an incredibly easy to use flint and steel built in. I sometimes use it to light a fire in the wood stove at home, just because it’s so fun to use.

There’s a lot more, too. Consider a WorkSharp Field Sharpener. This little gadget puts a razor edge on any knife, and it has built-in angle guides to start you off at the right angle for a perfect edge. It has a coarse diamond plate and a coarse ceramic rod, as well as a fine diamond stone and a fine ceramic. The combination gives you an amazing hone. Then you can finish it out with the built-in strop to polish up the blade and help it hold its sharpness longer.

A Leatherman Squirt or Juice is a good stocking stuffer, too. I never go anywhere without one, and I’m not the only person who feels that way. Everyone should have several of these.

Then there’s the Zippo handwarmer for anyone who hates having cold hands. These are better than the chemical packs, because they stay warmer longer.

But the absolute best stocking stuffer is a stocking itself. Socks. But not just any socks. Make sure you get Darn Tough socks. They’re guaranteed for life, and they live up to the guarantee. I have yet to wear any of mine out, despite valiant attempts to do so. They’re comfy, too. They’re the best socks made, in my opinion.

I hope that helps. Good luck with your shopping, and Merry Christmas!