Hurricanes are scary enough without terrifying sea monsters

Hurricanes are scary enough on their own, but did you see what Hurricane Harvey washed up on a beach in Texas?

I’m glad I live in the middle of the country, where we’re a couple-day’s drive from the nearest ocean. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left big messes in Texas and Florida, and there are more hurricanes sweeping up behind them. I really feel for the people affected by those storms, and I hope they can rebuild and start over even better than they were before.

But as horrific as those storms were, Hurricane Harvey revealed something even more terrifying. Somebody posted a picture of a prehistoric-looking creature that washed up on a Texas beach. The angle they took the photo from made it look like it was the size of a dolphin or a seal, but thankfully, I’ve learned it was only about 18 inches long. But still, this thing was nasty looking, and it apparently lives in large numbers just off the coast.

Even its name is scary. It’s called a Fangtooth Snake Eel. If you haven’t seen pictures of it, don’t Google it, unless you are ready to be kept awake by horrific nightmares. I had a dream last night that these things were living in Crystal Reservoir, and they attacked me when I waded out to do some fly-fishing. But thankfully, they don’t live here.

By bringing that razor-toothed, snake-like, dragon-tailed sea monster up onto the beach, Hurricane Harvey did a fantastic job of giving me even more reasons to stay away from the ocean. Forget Sharknado – the actual creatures living in the water in real life are far scarier than anything Hollywood could come up with. Then again, after pictures of that thing made the rounds on the Internet, I’d be surprised if they don’t come out with a new movie called Fangtooth-Snake-Eelicane or something.

My best to the hurricane survivors, though, and I hope they all avoid nasty sea monsters.