I am at my limit for tires

I’d love to get a camper I could use as a base camp for hunting, and it would be nice to have a good boat so I could find some good walleye holes. But I realized a few days ago that I’m at my maximum tire budget.

So many things we like to have for running around in the outdoors involve tires. That’s good in that it allows us to get our gear out there to where we like to spend our time, but it’s bad in that it means so many toys we acquire come with parts we have to repair or replace more often than we’d like.

I don’t know why I did it, but the other day, I counted up all the tires I have to air up, rotate, and replace every few years. I probably shouldn’t have counted. I was better off not knowing. Granted, some of them, like the ones on the four-wheeler, are relatively inexpensive. But trailer tires are crazy right now, and I have 14 of those. And at this very moment, more than half of them are in desperate need of replacement.

The grand total number of tires, not counting the little ones on things like the dolly or other small tires for yard equipment and stuff like that, comes to 58. I know there are a lot of people who have way more than that many tires slowly rotting away under their equipment, so I shouldn’t complain. But 58 tires still seems like a lot to me, especially when I need to pay for new ones for those two trailers and a couple of my vehicles.

I started counting tires when I was thinking about buying a used camper. I’m pretty sure I could afford the camper, but it had tires on it that needed to be replaced, too, and that just got me thinking I don’t know if I can afford another four tires.

I do have a couple of trailers I could sell to make room for more tires, though. Let me know if you’re in the market for a former septic tank trailer. Buyer beware, though, it’s going to need four new tires.