I forgot Facebook has gone anti-gun

I have a few firearms I’m looking to sell, and without thinking, I posted one of them on a Facebook sale site. I forgot Facebook has gone anti-gun.

I’m trying to sell a few of my guns, so I went to the spot where I’ve sold a lot of other stuff in the past – a Facebook flea market site. I had forgotten Facebook now won’t allow sales of firearms. They removed my post.

I suppose that’s Facebook’s right. It can allow or not allow anything it wants. But it’s disappointing.

It’s another case of the actions of a few ruining something for the majority of us. Facebook is undoubtedly the easiest single place to go to find something you want, or to get something you’re selling in front of the biggest number of people you’re trying to connect with. It’s what the platform is based on, and it’s why it works. But it doesn’t work for selling guns.

Why? Does Facebook, or more likely its lawyers, think somebody’s going to buy my Kimber Ultra CDP with its seven-shot magazine for a thousand bucks and go right out and shoot up a shopping mall? Please. And do they think I’m going to sell it to the first person who shows up with cash? Like some guy who’s twitching, checking to see if anyone’s watching, and has meth packets falling out of his pockets is going to want to buy my gun, and I’m just going to say, “hey, sure, pal, you have the money, so here’s a fully functional firearm. Want me to throw in a few boxes of bullets?”

Ain’t gonna’ happen.

It’s a shame I can’t use Facebook to sell my guns, but I’ll find another place to get it done. Facebook can keep its stupid policies, I’ll get my guns sold, and some folks out there will get some really nice firearms for a good price. But hopefully the Facebook board members come to their senses soon and make this sort of thing easier for everybody involved.