If you haven’t found KUIU yet, check it out

I’ve said before that I’m not a MossyOak or RealTree kind of guy. I miss the old World War II camo, but I’ve found a modern alternative.

For a long time, it seemed like the only camo you could get was based on a close-up photograph of the vegetation you’d find in a Louisiana swamp or a Virginia forest. MossyOak, RealTree and TreeBark were probably fine camo patterns for those dense woods, but out here in the Mountain West, we still need something with bigger splotches of color with more contrast in order to break up our outlines. I still have some old garments in the World War II pattern, but they’re getting pretty threadbare. I suppose it’s finally time to get some new hunting gear.

Even though I’d like to have some hunting clothes that will actually keep me warm, I’ve resisted getting new gear because I’ve been holding out for a better pattern.

There are some alternatives now. Sitka has great gear, and they offer a few patterns that are likely to break up your outline very well. The same is true for KUIU. I’m more partial to the KUIU patterns. They actually have three versions I’m trying to decide between.

Their Valo pattern is their most brown and yellow option, and it would be great for a pronghorn hunt. For an extreme high-country hunt, where you’d go for bighorn sheep or mountain goats, their Vias pattern is perfect. But I think the best all-around pattern is their Verde, which is a little greener than the Valo and a little less contrasty than the Vias. However, for elk, deer, moose, and even waterfowl, it might be the best bet for Wyoming hunting.

KUIU gear is pricey, but it has a great reputation. I plan to put it to the test this hunting season. I’ll let you know what I find out.