I’m a cowboy by marriage

So, your wife wants to be a rodeo cowgirl, huh? The first step is to buy a new truck.

When we pulled into Laramie for my wife’s barrel run at Jubilee Days, the truck gave us another reason we should have replaced it when Amy started rodeoing. It began making a weird knocking-thumping-squeaking-grinding sound. Since we’d just picked it up from the repair shop the day before, I thought to call Don at Rocky Mountain Automotive.

That brings up another good thing to know if your better half decides to take up rodeo — make sure you find a good mechanic who works late and on weekends. You’re gonna’ need it.

Anyway, Don listened to the noise over the phone and said, “hmm, let me finish this alignment and I’ll come over the hill and check it out.” That’s one thing you should look for in a mechanic — a willingness to make site visits, even when they’re 50, 75 or 100 miles away.

Don got to the fairgrounds about the time Amy was finishing her run. It was a good run, which is helpful, because I shudder to think what the repair bill’s going to be for two new front springs and a 120-mile round-trip site call. Amy was sitting in second when we left, but there were two days of rodeo yet to go.

So buy that new truck now. I’m not saying it’ll prevent repairs entirely, but it might cut down on them a bit.

And get used to driving what used to be your wife’s old Honda Civic or Dodge Grand Caravan. It’s yours now that she’s going to need the seat-heated, leather-trimmed, turbo-boosted pickup every weekend and most weeknights.

While you’re at it, you’ll need a new trailer, too. The one you’re pulling now ain’t gonna’ cut it. Get one with at least a 15-foot living quarters, satellite TV and air conditioning. If you can afford it, you might see about getting the TV signal and AC added to the living quarters, too. No sense letting the horse have ALL the fun.


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