I’m announcing my bid for Wyoming Governor

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the political ring. And following the old adage, “go big or go home,” I’m shooting high for my inaugural campaign. I’m running for Governor.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines too long, watching what goes on in the legislature and the Executive Branch of Wyoming’s government as a spectator, rather than as an active participant. Over the years, I’ve watched too many issues I feel are vital to the state go unnoticed or get less attention than they deserve.

So I’ve decided to run for Governor. I’m going to run on the platform of hunting and fishing, which I believe are the two issues that will speak to the greatest number of Wyoming residents.

As your governor, I’ll work to make opening day of each hunting season a state holiday. Not just the species openers, but the first day for each hunt area, too, along with the opening day that corresponds with the archery season, as well as the rifle season.

To address the cyclical boom and bust nature of the state’s revenue, I’ll push for an increase in certain nonresident hunting and fishing licenses. While I’ll need to further consult my advisors, my own calculations have shown that we won’t have to increase taxes on residents in order to prevent budget shortfalls. We will actually have a perennial surplus of revenue if we simply triple the nonresident license fees for Colorado and California visitors. The fishing license fees alone we’d generate from this would completely fund the entire Game and Fish and WYDOT budgets each year.

To further fill the state coffers, I’ll tap one of our much overlooked tourist draws. For far too long, we’ve neglected the jackalope in our tourism arsenal. Think of how many more wildlife watchers we could draw here if we would take advantage of the mighty jackalope.

So vote for me in November, and I’ll see you out there.

I’m Ty Stockton, and I approve this message. Happy April First to you. 🙂