I’m finally kicking Merrells to the curb in favor of Danners

I bought a new pair of hiking boots a few months ago, and I had nothing but trouble with them. Thankfully, the store where I bought them made sure I got what I needed.

I’ve been a Merrell guy for a long time. I’ve always loved the hiking boots and shoes they make. But recently, I got a bad pair of their boots.

The sole started coming apart from the upper, and it was only about a month after I bought them. I took them back to Sportsmen’s Warehouse, the store where I got them, and the folks there traded them out for me immediately. As I said, I was a big Merrell fan, so I got another pair in the same style.

That pair did the exact same thing. So I took them back for a third try, and again, Sportsmen’s Warehouse traded them for me, even though they were outside the usual exchange period.

But when the third pair started falling apart after about two months, I decided I’m done with Merrell. This time, I traded them for a pair of Danner boots.

I’ve never had a pair of Danners, but when I was in Portland, Oregon, a few months ago, I stopped in and checked out the flagship Danner store. Danners are still built right there in Portland, and that was another reason I thought I’d try them. Merrells are made overseas now.

So far, the Danners seem to be a heck of a lot better built than the Merrells were. Granted, it’s only been about a week, but so far, so good. And as for how they fit, they’re fantastic. I wish I’d tried Danners a long time ago.

This whole thing has been a good reminder to me to make sure to get my gear from stores that will stand by the items they sell. Sportsmen’s Warehouse is great about it, but so are most of the locally owned stores you find in your town.

Just be sure you keep your receipt, because even the most helpful stores might not exchange your footwear without one. But hopefully, I won’t need to worry about that with these new Danners.

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