I’m having to stretch to find ways to stay busy lately

With the orders to stay at home and not mingle with anyone else, it’s getting harder and harder to keep from getting bored. I hope this virus goes away soon. I have a lot of flies I’ve tied that need to get used.

They say it’s an ill wind that blows no good, and that you can make a sow’s ear into a silk purse. I don’t know about the second one, but there may be some truth to the first. This coronavirus pandemic is a whole lot of miserable. But it has given me the time I needed to get a whole lot done around the house.

I cleaned up my home office, which was an absolute necessity, because I’m now having to do my day job from the house. If I hadn’t cleaned up the office, I’d have had nowhere to work.

While I was cleaning up the office, I cleaned up the bar, too. That was another stroke of good fortune. Now I have a place to have an adult beverage or six at the end of a long day working. And I only have to walk three steps to get from my desk to the bar.

But it’s given me the time to do some other much-needed chores, too. It’s allowed me to sit down and crank out about 30-dozen flies to replenish my supply for fishing. Granted, I’m not much of a fly-tier, so they’re all very basic patterns. You’re not going to find many parachute Adamses or Royal Wulffs in my vise. About the most exciting I get is a pheasant tail nymph.

I’ve also sharpened every knife I own at least once; cleaned all my guns; and re-waterproofed all my tents and hunting jackets. If I were a reloader, I’d probably have enough ammo stocked up to invade North Korea.

I hope you are finding productive ways to survive this pandemic, and I hope it runs its course soon. It’ll be good when we’re all back at work, even if we’re too busy to go fishing. My best to you and yours. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Wyoming strong.