I’m taking a road trip to pick up my new Weatherby rifle

I could have my new rifle sent to one of the gun shops in town, but that’d be like not being there for the delivery of one of your kids, right? I’m going to go pick it up instead.

I recently became a life member of the Muley Fanatic Foundation. That membership provides funding for a host of important habitat and conservation projects that support our wildlife populations in Wyoming, but it also comes with some really cool goodies. As a life member, Muley Fanatics gives you a KUIU Guide Jacket, a KUIU ball cap, discounts to a bunch of great hunting gear companies, and a brand-new rifle.

I have already received all my other perks, but the rifle took a little longer to get here. It’s a Weatherby rifle, and members get to choose the caliber. Because it was custom-made for Muley Fanatics, it took a little time to be built. Mine will have a stock hydro-dipped with the KUIU Verde camo to match the rest of my hunting outfit.

I got a call last week that it had arrived at the Muley Fanatics headquarters in Green River. I could have had it shipped to a gun shop in Cheyenne, but that just seems too impersonal. Instead of having them send it to me, I’m going to take a road trip next Monday and go pick it up.

I have a Maven scope for it already, and I’ll take it along. Before I leave the Muley Fanatics office, I intend to have that scope mounted on the new rifle. And I also have a box of .300 Win Mag burning a hole in my pocket, so I may just find a shooting range somewhere along the way home and sight it in immediately.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this excited. That’s one of the reasons I chose to go pick it up in person instead of having it shipped. For something this important, you can’t rely on FedEx or UPS to deliver it. There are just some things you have to do yourself.