It’s the Best Front Seven That’s Ever Been in Front of Him

photo courtesy of Darrel Johnson

by Keith Kelley–16 Aug ’18

The Wyoming defense has to live up to some lofty expectations.  The front four, at least on paper, should be dominant, led by senior Carl Granderson and junior Youhanna Ghaifan.  But the entire front seven, if you throw in middle linebacker Logan Wilson, should be outstanding.

Wyoming senior safety Andrew Wingard, who is the Mountain West Preseason Defensive Player of the year, says that excellent front seven should allow them to make some more plays in the secondary.

“It’s the best front seven that’s ever been in front of me.  That gives us more time to make plays, make reads, do all that stuff.”  Wingard continues, “I just think it’s going to benefit us so much more with Carl (Granderson), Yo (Youhanna Ghaifan), Connor (Connor Cain), Sid (Sidney Malauulu), all those dudes rushing the passer. And then Logan and Cassh eating up blocks and eatin’ up running backs.  So we probably don’t have to make as many plays in the run game, and can feast on quarterbacks.”

The Cowboys wrap up fall camp soon, with the season opener a week from Saturday, on the road at New Mexico State.