It’s time to blow up a hat, but not a Broncos hat

OK, I’ve gone as long as I can go without gloating. My Broncos made me proud last weekend, even if their appearance in the Super Bowl made me miss a day I could have otherwise spent hunting or ice fishing.

If I was going to miss a day of hunting last weekend, I was hoping I wasn’t going to regret my choice to stay inside and watch a football game instead. And the Broncos didn’t disappoint me.

A couple of years ago, it didn’t turn out so well. In that game, from the very first snap, I was wishing I’d spent the day out in the duck blind instead.

But this year, the Broncos came out firing. Well, at least the defense did. The offense got shut down by the Panthers, but Denver proved the old adage that defense wins championships. It wasn’t a high-scoring game, but all that mattered was that the Broncos ended up with 24 points, and the Panthers only had 10.

Even though I was hoping for a Broncos win going into the game, I still wanted an excuse to go out to the backyard shooting range and blow up a hat with some Tannerite again. I started that tradition when Denver lost to Seattle, and I repeated it last year when the Broncos bowed out of the playoffs. This time around, I made a bet with a coworker who happens to be a Carolina fan.

The first time I blew up my Broncos hat, I videoed it. I’m not a very good videographer, though, so the film is pretty bad. But Josh, the guy I made the bet with, is our video guy at work, so we should get some really good footage of his hat going up in smoke.

It might be a little while before we get a chance to blow up that hat, though. The recent February thaw has left both my driveway and my shooting range under modest lakes. We’re going to have to wait for it to either freeze up again or evaporate before we can get down there to do any shooting. But I’ll be sure to let you know when we have a video posted.