Keep your guns out of the wrong hands

These days, there are more reasons than ever to keep your guns secure.

If you’re a gun owner, you have to take every step within your means to keep your firearms secure. Recent court cases have produced rulings against gun owners whose guns were used in crimes, even when the guns were taken without the consent or even the knowledge of the rightful owners.

That’s distressing news. A few of those cases were appealed and the owners were absolved, but the trouble and stress caused by having to go to court didn’t go away even when the issues were resolved.

Nobody wants their guns stolen, no matter what they’re stolen for. If they’re taken by someone who wants money for them, you might get them back when the thieves try to sell them. But that’s not very likely. Usually, when guns are stolen, they’re gone forever.

If they’re stolen and used in a crime, as I said earlier, it’s a nightmare. So you need to do whatever you can to keep them from being stolen.

Forget about hiding places. If someone breaks into your house looking for guns, they’ll find them, no matter how clever you think your stash is. You’ll have to spend some money if you really want to protect your guns.

The best way to keep them secure is to invest in a gun safe. If you’re going to do that, make sure you get the best safe you can afford. You have to spend more to get better protection, but you can still shop around. If you want a safe that’s nearly impossible to crack and provides good fire protection, plan to spend more than a thousand dollars. More if you have a hefty number of guns to put in it. And figure on getting six or seven of your strongest friends to help you move it into your house.

You can get a much less expensive safe, but it probably won’t be fireproof. It also won’t keep a determined thief out. But if you’re more concerned with keeping your guns away from curious kids, those safes will probably do the trick.

If you can’t afford a big safe, think about a small office safe. Break down your guns and put the small parts in the little safe. It’s not ideal, but it can keep your guns from becoming somebody else’s property.

Do what you can to keep your guns.