Kifaru is another Wyoming outdoor gear company

When we were on our way back from watching my oldest son’s graduation from Basic Training in Georgia, we happened to bump into a couple other Wyomingites in the Atlanta airport. It was a reminder that we’re getting more an more outdoor companies moving to the Cowboy State.

On our way back from Georgia last month, my wife, youngest son and I were in the rat maze line for security at the Atlanta airport. We kept coming even with a couple other guys on the other side of the ropes who were wearing a familiar logo. It wasn’t the Steamboat bucking horse, but it was nearly as identifiable. It was the rhino head logo of the Kifaru gear company.

I finally asked if they were just Kifaru enthusiasts or if they worked for the company. They said they did, and that they were coming back from finding out how to do some new gear construction techniques. And home for Kifaru, in case you didn’t know, is now Riverton. That’s where the headquarters is and where they actually make the gear they sell – right here in Wyoming.

If you haven’t checked Kifaru out, you need to. They make incredible packs, pack accessories, and technical outerwear. They also make tents and tent stoves. Their philosophy is to make top-quality gear that is rugged enough to handle everything from the backcountry to the battlefield, but that is equally at home in daily life.

I don’t have any Kifaru gear yet, but I plan to change that soon. I’ve got my eye on their Checkpoint day pack to use for my going-to-work bag. And their Rampart Duffel would make an excellent range bag.

It’s great that they’ve moved camp to Riverton. Their facility is in the building on Sunset where Big R used to be, and that’s where their main showroom is, too. If you’re in the Riverton area, stop in and check out their gear.