LCCC Is Named As New WHP Trooper Academy Location

WHP 11-23-19

The Laramie County Community College (LCCC), located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been named as the new WHP Trooper Academy training location.  The LCCC campus is seven (7) miles from Wyoming Highway Patrol Headquarters.

LCCC will offer a long-term facility for the WHP at cost savings compared to our current Academy location.  The WHP will utilize dorm rooms, six (6) offices, land, and various roads for practical training, gymnasium, cafeteria, fitness equipment, classrooms, improved teaching technology in classrooms, and have the option of additional room for growth. 

This partnership with Laramie County Community College will help with increased logistical improvements, increased operational efficiencies, and an overall cost reduction while providing a professional training environment.  Having the WHP Academy at LCCC will enable the patrol to build partnerships and seize outreach opportunities. The WHP will interact with members of the LCCC Criminal Justice program, student-athletes, and the general student population. This will have a positive impact on WHP’s recruiting efforts, community relations, and law enforcement’s relationship with students and staff of LCCC.  

LCCC will be the primary location for all WHP classroom style classes. Being based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, will allow cadets to have access to the WHP Cheyenne firearms range, and to an Emergency Vehicle Operations road course. 

The WHP is appreciative of the Wyoming National Guard for hosting WHP Trooper Academy training at Camp Guernsey in Guernsey, Wyoming, in years past. “This partnership goes back for more than 17 years, and the WHP has literally trained hundreds of Troopers at Camp Guernsey,” said Colonel Kebin Haller with the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “I am very grateful to the Wyoming National Guard.”

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is dedicated to providing standardized, relevant, and leading-edge training that aids in the development of highly qualified professional State Troopers to better serve the citizens of Wyoming. This is accomplished by finding the most cost-effective and efficient solution that provides opportunities for partnerships and community outreach.

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