Legislative Leadership and Committee Assignments For 66th Legislature Finalized

LSO 11-17-20

The members of the Wyoming House of Representatives and the Wyoming Senate elected their respective leadership and finalized committee assignments for the 66th Wyoming Legislature following party caucuses Saturday and Sunday. Members of leadership will be confirmed, and newly elected legislators will be sworn in in January as provided by the Wyoming Constitution. 

In the House of Representatives, Rep. Eric Barlow (Gillette) was elected Speaker of the House; Rep. Albert Sommers (Pinedale) was elected Majority Floor Leader; Rep. Mike Greear (Worland) was elected Speaker Pro Tempore; and Rep. Jared Olsen (Cheyenne) was elected Majority Whip. Rep. Cathy Connolly (Laramie) was elected Minority Floor Leader; Rep. Andi Clifford (Riverton) was elected Minority Whip; and Rep. Mike Yin (Jackson) was elected Minority Caucus Chairman. 

In the Senate, Sen. Dan Dockstader (Afton) was elected President of the Senate; Sen. Ogden Driskill (Devils Tower) was elected Majority Floor Leader; and Sen. Larry Hicks (Baggs) was elected Vice President.  Sen. Chris Rothfuss (Laramie) was elected Minority Floor Leader and Sen. Mike Gierau (Jackson) was elected Minority Whip.

The following House committee assignments have been made for the 2021-2022 biennium:

·         Judiciary: Jared Olsen, Chairman; Barry Crago, Dan Laursen, Ember Oakley, Karlee Provenza, Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, Art Washut, Mike Yin and Dan Zwonitzer.

·         Appropriations: Bob Nicholas, Chairman; Mark Kinner, Lloyd Larsen, Andy Schwartz, Evan Simpson, Clark Stith and Tom Walters.

·         Revenue: Steve Harshman, Chairman; Mark Baker, Chuck Gray, Tim Hallinan, Bill Henderson, Mark Jennings, Jim Roscoe, Patrick Sweeney and Mike Yin.

·         Education: Jerry Paxton, Chairman; Ocean Andrew, Landon Brown, Cathy Connolly, Steve Harshman, Chip Neiman, Sandy Newsome, Jerry Obermueller and Albert Sommers.

·         Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources: John Eklund, Chairman; Aaron Clausen, Bill Fortner, Scott Heiner, Dan Laursen, Cyrus Western, Robert Wharff and John Winter.

·         Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources: Jamie Flitner, Chairman; Chad Banks, Jim Blackburn, Jeremy Haroldson, Hans Hunt, Mark Jennings, Sandy Newsome, Patrick Sweeney and John Winter.

·         Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions: Dan Zwonitzer, Chairman; Jim Blackburn, Aaron Clausen, Andi Clifford, Shelly Duncan, Danny Eyre, Hans Hunt, Joe MacGuire and Jim Roscoe.

·         Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs: Donald Burkhart, Chairman; Mark Baker, Landon Brown, Marshall Burt, Bill Henderson, Joe MacGuire, Jerry Obermueller, Kevin O’Hearn and Clarence Styvar.

·         Minerals, Business & Economic Development: Mike Greear, Chairman; John Bear, Donald Burkhart, Shelly Duncan, Danny Eyre, Chuck Gray, Scott Heiner, Trey Sherwood and Cyrus Western.

·         Labor, Health & Social Services: Sue Wilson, Chairman; Andi Clifford, Cathy Connolly, Jamie Flitner, Tim Hallinan, Pepper Ottman, John Romero-Martinez, Clarence Styvar and Robert Wharff.

The following Senate committee assignments have been made for the 2021-2022 biennium:

·         Judiciary: Tara Nethercott, Chairman; Ed Cooper, Tim French, John Kolb and RJ Kost.

·         Appropriations:  Drew Perkins, Chairman; Mike Gierau, Larry Hicks, Dave Kinskey and Cheri Steinmetz.

·         Revenue: Cale Case, Chairman; Fred Baldwin, Tom James, Stephen Pappas and Wendy Schuler.

·         Education: Charles Scott, Chairman; Affie Ellis, Bo Biteman, Tim Salazar and Chris Rothfuss.

·         Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources: Brian Boner, Chairman; Anthony Bouchard, Tim French, RJ Kost and Jeff Wasserburger.

·         Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources: Affie Ellis, Chairman; Mike Gierau, Bill Landen, Tim Salazar and Wendy Schuler.

·         Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions: Ogden Driskill, Chairman; Brian Boner, Cale Case, Tara Nethercott and Charles Scott.

·         Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs: Bill Landen, Chairman; Jim Anderson, Dan Furphy, Troy McKeown and Stephen Pappas.

·         Minerals, Business & Economic Development: Jim Anderson, Chairman; Bo Biteman, Ed Cooper, Chris Rothfuss and Jeff Wasserburger.

·         Labor, Health & Social Services: Fred Baldwin, Chairman; Anthony Bouchard, Dan Furphy, Lynn Hutchings and Troy McKeown.

Assignments for select committees, task forces and other miscellaneous committees will be made available at a later date.

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