Make sure you have enough safe (for now)

I’ve had a gun safe for several years, and I thought when I bought it that it would be plenty big enough. Now I’m thinking it’s time for a second one.

Yesterday I talked about the importance of locking up your guns. If it’s not secured on your person, it should be locked up. And I urged you to get a safe you think is about twice as big as what you currently need. There’s a reason I said that.

I have a Big Daddy safe. It is exactly what it claims to be – it’s a big daddy. There’s a ton of room in there. But it turns out there’s just not quite enough room.

For one thing, it’s not as tall as I’d like it to be. I’m a bird hunter, and I have some pretty long shotguns. And last year, I got a sweet Weatherby rifle with my lifetime membership to the Muley Fanatic Foundation. That .300 Winchester Mag has a muzzle brake on it that makes it even longer than my shotguns, so it has to go in the space where the barrels of the longer guns can stick up through the top shelf. But I’m running out of room in that area of the safe.

The big problem is that I’ve been forced to store other stuff in the safe that isn’t firearm-related. That was one of the conditions of getting the safe. I had to agree to put the wedding photos, house documents, and other important papers in the safe. Because of the intricacies of fire protection in safes, that means all those documents and flammable papers need to go inside a fire box before they go in the safe. That fire box takes up even more room. So my gun real estate in the safe is compromised.

It has a sweet door organizer that holds all sorts of handy stuff, but I might be able to get rid of that and replace it with a door rack to hold a few of the guns that don’t quite fit inside anymore. Either that or get another safe.

That’s where I’m leaning right now. That’s a tricky subject to bring up with the wife, though, especially when she thinks I already have enough guns, as though such a thing were possible.

Wish me luck – I have the added challenge of convincing her the auxiliary safe should go in our bedroom. This might be a bit of a hard sell.