Make your targets a little more exciting

If shooting at the same old paper targets is too run-of-the-mill for you, have a competition, add some movement, or even get a few exploding targets. One way or another, put some more bang in your target shooting.

I’m still a long way from getting tired of shooting. I could go to the shooting range every day from now until eternity, and I’d still probably enjoy poking holes in paper.

But if you’re getting tired of the same old static targets, you can always change it up a bit. I watched a YouTube video on the internet the other day by a lady who comes up with challenging shooting games. In one, she draws faces on six eggs. Five are bad-guy faces, and one is what she calls the damsel in distress. The object is to shoot all the bad guys without harming the damsel egg.

You can come up with your own shooting games, but be sure to keep them safe. You can also add some movement to your targets. You can put a clay pigeon on a string and get it swinging, then step back and shoot at it. Or you can get bouncing targets from Impact Seal or Do-All Outdoors. The Impact Seal targets are more expensive, but they’re also a good bit more durable. They don’t bounce on their own, though. You have to hit them to get them rolling. They come in a bunch of shapes that let them bounce in unpredictable directions.

And then there’s Tannerite. While shooting is always fun, it can be even more fun when what you’re shooting at actually blows up. Tannerite comes in a stable, unmixed form, and you have to mix two separate substances together to make it go boom. After you’ve mixed it, you can put it inside targets, and it won’t go off until it’s hit with a high-velocity projectile, like a bullet.

There’s a mixture for high-powered rifles and pistols, and another one for .22s. In either case, you’ll want to be a pretty good distance away from the targets, for obvious reasons.

One way or another, spice up your shooting, if you’re getting bored. Give yourself a reason to get back out to the range.