March drug-involved crashes, injuries and deaths increase from February

courtesy Campbell County Sheriff, flickr

WASCOP 4-30-19

Drug-impaired driving is impacting highways in Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) compiles and reports monthly data based on drug-related crashes, injuries and deaths. 

In March, 2019, there were 18 drug-involved crashes and 11 drug-involved injuries from those crashes. In February of this year, there were nine drug-involved traffic crashes and two drug-involved injury crashes. For a year-to-year comparison, numbers stayed stagnant with both 18 crashes and 11 injuries in March of 2018.

“The significant increase in drug-involved crashes from February to March reflects the dangers of driving under the influence of substances. Eleven injuries is eleven too many. Our focus continues to be increasing awareness surrounding drug-impaired driving to make Wyoming roads and families safer,” Rich Adriaens, Sheridan Chief of Police and Co-Chair of the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving, said. 

To see more data and trends, visit For more information about Drug Impaired Driving or TheNewDUI media campaign, please contact Byron Oedekoven, (307) 682-8949 or (307) 660-2951. “Drug-involved” encompasses the presence of any substance other than alcohol, including marijuana and prescriptions. The Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police reminds all Wyoming drivers that driving under the influence of drugs is dangerous, detectable and consequential. Learn more at