Mead Says No More Budgets This Year

By Staff 8-31,2016

Governor Matt Mead says the latest economic reports for the state are not glowing, but for now he’s not going to make more budget cuts. Last week Mead sent a letter to state agencies to look for more ways to save money, and that another round of budget cuts could be possible.  He says until he sees more economic data and revenue projections, he will not make any more cuts like he did in June.

“I will not make additional cuts before the session as I did in June.  Depending on the October CREG I may make recommendations for additional cuts to the legislature, but I will not make those cuts until the legislature meets,” Mead said.

Mead says for the most part the most recent budget cuts didn’t result in massive state employee layoffs, although some did lose their jobs. He says if more budget cuts are to be made, this time it would result in job losses.

Mead says he’s also not in favor of a lot of sales tax increases to make up for budget shortfalls. He says the state can’t tax its way out of a mineral downturn.  He says that would send Wyoming in to a downward spiral.