Merry Christmas!

The morning thousands of children throughout Wyoming have been waiting for is almost here. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you. Even to those who aren’t deeply religious, if they have some sort of a Christian background, Christmas is a day of peace, love and caring.

In Wyoming, for most people, December means Christmas. Some families celebrate Hanukkah and some celebrate Kwanzaa, but almost everyone in this area celebrates a holiday in which the exchange of gifts is a part. It’s not the biggest part, but it often gets highest billing. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel I am wise beyond my years in knowing that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the giving and receiving associated with the season, as long as you keep in mind the reason for the celebration.

Many families in this part of the country also put quite a bit of emphasis on outdoor pursuits. For that reason, binoculars, snowshoes, skis, shotguns, rifles, fly rods and camouflage clothing are probably under quite a few trees in The Cowboy State. Some of this gear will see its first use in the final days of this year. But some of these gifts will sit dormant for several months.

For some kids, it doesn’t matter whether they can use their gifts right away or be forced to wait the better part of a year to put them to use. They’ll have such a need to get the full experience out of their presents that they’ll insist on having them at hand all day, every day for weeks.

Please do me a favor, though. If you get a new rifle or shotgun for Christmas, please don’t insist on sleeping with it. That’s just a bad idea.

And remember, no matter how excited you are about your presents or how good you feel about how happy the gifts you’ve given others have made them, there is a higher meaning to this day. Keep in mind that the presents you give and get on Sunday are secondary to the gift all of mankind was given more than 2,000 years ago.

Merry Christmas.