My fishing trip got derailed by a beer fridge

I was going to take the family fishing on Father’s Day, but I got a line on the bar fridge I’ve been looking for, and that put a kink in my fishing plans. But sometimes you have to sacrifice fishing in order to keep your beer cold.

We built a new bar in our basement several years ago. I’m not entirely sure how long ago we built that bar, but it’s been quite a while. I’m embarrassed to say we got it almost complete, but there’s been one important component of the bar that hasn’t been finished.

For all these years, there’s been a gap in the corner, at the end of the counter, where a bar fridge should be. I didn’t want to settle for just any fridge. I’ve been holding out for one that looks good, holds more than a typical bar fridge, and keeps beer at just the right temperature.

I finally found that fridge last week, and it was my family’s Father’s Day present to me. Unfortunately, we had to go all the way to Boulder to pick it up, so that meant I had to scrap my plans to take the kids fishing.

I was OK with skipping the fishing this year. My boys and I just went fishing the weekend before, and I even caught some fish on that outing. I figured if we went fishing again so soon, I’d be pushing my luck, and I probably wouldn’t catch any fish, anyway.

Besides, with that new bar fridge set up and dialed in to the perfect temperature for beer, I figure I could put off my fishing trip until the Fourth of July weekend, and when I get back from fishing, I can celebrate my success – or drown my sorrows over not catching any fish – with an ice cold Saddle Bronc Brown Ale.

It’s also nice to finally have a project completely finished. The empty spot in the corner of my bar now has a fancy new fridge in it. Granted, that probably means I now will have to finish the greenhouse, the corrals and the garden shed. But at least when I do, I can reward myself at my downstairs bar.