New barn means I can find my hunting gear

We’re finally getting started on building the barn we’ve been planning for about 10 years now. It’s for my wife, not for me and my stuff, but I’m excited that we’re finally getting it built, because now I’ll be able to find my hunting gear.

My family moved into the house we’re in now about 10 years ago. One of the things that put this place in our budget was the fact that it didn’t have a barn. In fact, it did have a barn the first time I looked at it, but it was too expensive. Then, somewhere along the line, the barn caught on fire and burned to the ground, and the owners dropped the price enough for me to buy it.

But ever since the day we moved in, we’ve been planning to put up a new barn. There was always a reason not to build it – it’s too expensive; we’re not sure exactly what we want; or we have the money, but the timing just isn’t right.

Well, we finally decided to just make it happen. We were thinking of building it ourselves, but we just don’t have the time – which is one of the reasons we kept putting it off – so we hired a crew to build it. They start this week.

And even though the barn won’t be for me, I’m excited for them to get it done. It won’t be for my tractor, my four-wheeler, my hunting gear, or any of my stuff. It’s going to be just for my wife’s horses and her horse gear. But that’s OK, because it frees up all that space in my garage, which is where all that crud is living at the moment. And just by the nature of having a bunch of stuff all plunked haphazardly in a space that isn’t designed for it, neither of us can ever find anything we’re looking for. All my hunting, fishing and camping gear is in the garage, and it often ends up being buried by a bunch of horse gear. But never the horse gear Amy’s looking for – that stuff is probably somewhere under my hunting gear, which is under the horse gear nobody wants.

So it’ll be nice to have all the horse gear out of my garage. Maybe I’ll actually be able to find my hunting gear this hunting season.