New four-wheeler came just in time

I may be an idiot for buying a used four-wheeler right now, because parts shortages will make any repairs difficult for a while. I’ll hope I don’t need to get anything fixed anytime soon.

I’ve been looking around for a good price on a used four-wheeler for several years now. I’ve been wanting one for doing a bunch of the chores I need to do on our property, but it would also be nice to have one for hunting and fishing. A four-wheeler can get you places you can’t get in a pickup, and they can make hauling a dead elk out of the hills a lot easier.

I finally found one that was perfect. Well, perfect for my budget, anyway. It needs a few things, including a new starter, but it has a pull-start, so I can get by without the push-button starter for a while. And that’s a good thing, because everywhere I looked, the earliest they expected they’d have a new starter for me was August. Between the pandemic, the Suez Canal debacle a month or so ago, and now another shipping bottleneck somewhere in China, lots of parts are being delayed.

And to top it off, we’re waiting for a part for my son’s truck, too. We sold my wife’s 4Runner a few months ago when she started working full-time from home, but we had my truck, Colby’s truck and Logan’s truck. Now we’re down to my truck and Logan’s, because Colby’s fuel pump went out on him.

Colby’s truck is the much-sought-after 12-valve Cummins, but despite being an in-demand engine, it seems nobody stocks parts for it. We had to order the fuel pump, and it’s stuck somewhere on the other side of that Chinese shipping snafu.

Looks like I’m going to get a lot of practice riding that new used four-wheeler, since Colby has to drive my truck to go to work for now. I wish I’d ordered that starter sooner – my starter-pulling arm is getting tired.