Park Rangers Investigating Illegal Take of Moose

By Staff

MOOSE, WY — Park rangers are working in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and conducting an investigation regarding an illegal take of a moose within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park.

Wyoming Game and Fish Wardens were contacted over the weekend by a participant of the park’s elk reduction program who reported a calf moose was mistakenly shot. State game wardens seized the meat, cited the individual for taking a moose without a license, and contacted park rangers. The meat was donated to local families in need.

Park rangers are following up on the incident and conducting an investigation.

Park visitors and neighbors are encouraged to report any information that may be connected to poaching or other wildlife-related incidents happening within the park boundaries. Information may be reported to:

o Teton Interagency Dispatch Center
307-739-3301 or 911, or

o Wyoming Game and Fish Department Poaching Hotline
1-877-WGFD-TIP (1-877-943-3847) or 1-307-777-4330 for out-of-state calls.

Park rangers and state game wardens follow up on all information received and many times the information may lead to successful prosecution of violators. Individuals submitting information can remain anonymous, and may be eligible for a reward.

Park rangers continue to intensively monitor and patrol elk reduction areas within the park
to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, interpret the elk reduction program to visitors, and provide participants with information on local conditions associated with this wildlife management program. Failure to comply with the elk reduction program rules and regulations may result in a fine, confiscation of a harvested animal, forfeiture of permit, and possible denial of future participation in the program.

An information line for the 2015 elk reduction program is available at 307.739.3681. A brochure on elk ecology and a map showing locations open to these special permit hunters is available online at