Petroleum Association of Wyoming Launches Wyoming Carbon Innovation Network

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) has launched the Wyoming Carbon Innovation Network (Network) to support the development and growth of the carbon management industry in Wyoming, while ensuring the existing oil and natural gas industry continues to flourish.

Recent analysis indicates that Wyoming’s oil and natural gas industry employs over 19,000 people and brings over $8 billion in economic activity to our state. Carbon management is an emerging component of Wyoming’s critical energy industries, and the Network will focus on strategic goals intended to bring new jobs and new economic opportunities to Wyoming’s already strong energy industries.

Co-Chaired by Erik Holt, General Counsel and VP Land of Frontier Carbon Solutions, LLC and Julie Martinez, President of Oil Mountain Energy, the Network will focus on four strategic goals:

  1. Advocacy for the carbon management industry.
  2. Collaborating with and guiding state agencies on programs and processes to advance carbon management.
  3. Building knowledge and capacity in carbon management for existing operators.
  4. Supporting growth of the carbon management industry by fostering recruitment and networking.

“Wyoming’s state leaders and agencies have been incredibly forward-thinking when it comes to building a constructive regulatory framework to make carbon management a critical part of America’s evolving energy portfolio,” said Network Co-Chair Erik Holt. “This, coupled with the Wyoming’s proven geologic storage space and its local, talented workforce, helps put Wyoming at the forefront of industrial carbon management in North America.”  

“As a Wyoming-born small business owner and resident, I know first-hand that our State will benefit from becoming the leader in carbon management by creating additional jobs and economic activity for our communities, while supporting traditional energy industries like oil, gas, and coal,” said Network Co-Chair Julie Martinez.

“My company has no carbon capture or utilization projects, which allows for balance and impartiality. I know this work will allow our industry, as well as my company and the hundreds of other small Wyoming-owned and operated oil and gas companies, to continue to support our communities and families for generations to come.”