Players, Formations, Plays

photo courtesy of University of Wyoming athletic department

by Keith Kelley–13 Dec ’23

New Wyoming head football coach Jay Sawvel has been thinking about philosophies for a while. He says it’s not as if he’s coming into this gig (head coach at Wyoming) with nothing, he’s been thinking about things he would do as a head coach for many years. Offensive philosophies included. That’s an area where the Cowboys would like to see some improvement, and Sawvel says it’s all about getting your most explosive players the football.

“It’s not about the schemes, it’s not about the structure, it’s not about anything else….explosive players make explosive plays.” Sawvel continued, “So one thing we’ve got to do is that we’ve got to make sure we get explosive players the ball. We’ve got to recruit and obtain, and retain explosive players. We’ve to make it to where those guys play really fast. That was always my goal defensively every week that we went into it. Our biggest goal is we want to play harder, faster, smarter, and do it longer than our opponent.”

Sawvel was named Cowboy head coach last week, after Craig Bohl announced his retirement following the Pokes Arizona Bowl game with Toledo. That game will be December 30th in Tucson.