Players Have Been Patient and Understanding

by Keith Kelley–18 Aug ’20

Wyoming Cowboy basketball players have been on campus–some longer than others–and for the last month or so, have been working out in the AA. It hasn’t been your typical practice sessions, with no physical play and no five-on-five’s, so it’s been very different. Cowboy assistant coach Ken DeWeese says it’s been great being on the court, and actually getting to see their new recruits in person. DeWeese adds that players have been great at adapting to a new normal.

DeWeese says, “We’ve been limited and we’ve had to change what we’d normally be doing during this time. Especially with, not just newcomers that are new to Wyoming, but the whole team is essentially newcomers for us. So, that part’s been a little awkward as we’ve had to modify some stuff. But the guys have been really good. They’ve been patient with us, they’ve fought through it. It’s not like they’re getting to go out there and hoop and play five-on-five a ton. They’re having to a lot of small group stuff, no contact, and they’ve done a really good job of being patient with us and being understanding.”

The NCAA is now saying that they will have a decision sometime in the middle of September, and when winter sports can start up.

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