Put some HiViz sights on your gun

I have a Glock 22 I love to shoot, but the sights that came on it are not good. So I called up the HiViz sight company over in Laramie and got some great new sights for that gun.

I don’t know why I lived with the substandard sights that came on my Glock 22 for so long. They made it hard to acquire the target, and the front sight was less visible than I’d like. I often found myself working to keep my focus on that front sight.

HiViz sights come in a bunch of different combinations, and they make sights for handguns, rifles, shotguns and more. They actually got started with front beads for shotguns, and they still offer the shotgun sight that started it all, and they still make them in Laramie.

I looked at what they had to offer for hunting rifles, tactical rifles, and shotguns, but what I was really on their website for was handgun sights, so after I looked at all the possible options for my other guns, I found my focus and looked at what the possibilities were for my Glock. Handguns are much more specific than rifles, so HiViz makes different sights for just about any handgun you can think of. They have a whole Glock section, which made it a lot easier. But there were still a lot of options even within the sights made specifically for my Glock 22.

They have fiber optic, which transmit available light, and they also have their H3 line, which uses Tritium to create a small amount of light internally, so they will still be visible in the dark. I opted for the H3 sights, and then I needed to choose between green front and rear sights or orange rear and green front. And once I settled on green front and rear, I could choose a white ring around the front sight or an orange ring. I chose the white ring.

They were easy to install, and they really pop when I bring that Glock up. They’re a huge improvement over the original sights, and they’re made right here in Wyoming.