Ram Rebel gets the job done off the pavement

Some of the automotive companies are actually listening to truck buyers. One of those is Ram Trucks. And one of the trucks built on feedback from truck guys is the Ram Rebel.

Ram Trucks has been listening to the people who actually use their trucks for truck things. People like us, who take their trucks up gnarly Jeep trails in the hopes of catching a golden trout. Or those of us who bounce our trucks down mile after mile of washboard county roads to get from one pheasant field to the next. Or who tow an RV, a utility trailer or even a horse trailer up muddy forest roads in order to set up an elk camp.

People like us need a truck that can still be a truck. I’ve said before the Ram Power Wagon might be the ultimate hunting and fishing truck, because it’s got everything you need already built right into it before you even drive it off the showroom floor. But not everyone who needs a truck needs a three-quarter-ton. For some of us, a half-ton is more in line with what we’re after.

That’s where the Ram Rebel excels. Without having to add any aftermarket accessories, it comes standard with air suspension to dampen the bumps and give you a little more help when pulling a trailer or carrying a load; 17-inch rims that are better for crawling around off the paved roads than those silly 20-inch rims on a lot of new trucks; and 9.3 inches of ground clearance to get over those inevitable obstacles on the trail. For some strange reason, the Rebel is offered in two-wheel-drive, but let’s not talk about that. The four-wheel-drive option includes a locking rear differential.

You can’t get a Rebel with an 8-foot bed, but you can get it with a six-and-a-half-foot bed with the RamBox cargo system, which allows you to actually use your bed and not have to fill it with an extra tool box.

Nice work, Ram. The Rebel is one sweet half-ton pickup.