Remember those who gave all this weekend

If you’re working during this Coronavirus mess, I hope you get Monday off for Memorial Day. If you do, don’t waste this three-day weekend. Get out and do something. Use it for what it’s designed for, but save some time for fishing.

If you get Monday off for Memorial Day, take some time to pay tribute to those who have died for our freedom. It’s a day that was originally called Decoration Day, way back at the end of the Civil War. It was celebrated on May 30, 1868, and that date was chosen intentionally because it was not the date of any particular battle.

Decoration Day started as a day to remember those lost in the Civil War, but during World War I, it evolved to be a day to remember all those lost in all wars. The surprising thing is that it wasn’t an official federal holiday until 1971, even though it’s been celebrated across the country for well over a century.

This weekend, and especially Monday, give some thought to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is intended to remember those who fought in the military, but this year, we have another fight. Maybe pay homage to those who have been fighting this virus that has caused so much upheaval in our communities, too.

There are many ways to honor our lost veterans on Memorial Day. You can visit cemeteries and put flags on graves; worship at your church; attend memorial celebrations; or enjoy the freedoms those brave men and women fought for.

In normal years, many people go camping and fishing on this first unofficial weekend of the summer. This year, you might have an easier time finding a place to camp. Our state parks are only allowing camping for Wyoming residents. Take advantage of that. Be sure you have your fishing license, too.

Enjoy the outdoors this weekend, and give some thought to those who made it possible.