Rep. Hageman Introduces First Bill – The POWER Act

On Thursday, Congresswoman Harriet Hageman introduced the POWER Act. This legislation would require the President and federal agencies to obtain the approval of Congress before prohibiting or delaying new energy, coal, or mineral leases or permits on federal lands. This bill is a direct response to President Biden’s ban on new energy leases.

As an example of the federal overreach that this bill is intended to stop, President Biden issued three directives during his first few days in office that severely impacted oil and natural gas development on federal lands and drove up energy prices for American families. These directives were Secretarial Order 3395, Executive Order 13990, and Executive Order 14008. Of particular importance, Executive Order 14008 imposed an indefinite pause on new oil and natural gas leasing on U.S. federal lands and waters “pending completion of a comprehensive review. No Member of Congress voted on this, and no debate occurred. Our Constitution directs that Congress, not the President, has the power to create laws.

When introducing this bill, Congresswoman Hageman stated, “The Biden Administration’s relentless and punitive attacks on American energy production must end. I am proud to introduce the POWER Act to protect one of our nation’s most valuable commodities. The POWER Act will ensure our elected representatives in Congress direct energy policy- not unelected bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Biden’s deliberate attempts to undercut our country’s ability to be the world’s energy superpower must end and Wyoming’s most abundant commodity should be protected under federal law. Energy is the economic driver of Wyoming, with our state producing thirteen times more energy than it consumes.”

“Congress should not only pass this bill but should also work together to pass additional laws to take back power from an out-of-control administrative state.”

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