Retired K-9 Passes

The Wyoming Highway Patrol announces with a heavy heart the passing of retired Narcotic Detection Canine Bonnie.  Bonnie became a Wyoming Highway Patrol canine in the Fall of 2008. Bonnie was assigned as a narcotic detection canine in the Cheyenne area.  Bonnie worked in the Cheyenne area until her retirement in January of 2014.  Bonnie was retired due to health issues, which made it difficult for her to continue her career.


Upon her retirement, Bonnie spent her remaining years in the Big Horn Basin area, primarily in Worland, Wyoming. Bonnie’s former handler was reassigned to Cheyenne and Bonnie was adopted by the Dennis Toman family.  Bonnie remained in the loving care of Mr. Toman and his family until her passing on the 27th of November, 2017.

Bonnie had an amazing career with the Highway Patrol.  While assigned to a temporary duty in the Sundance, Wyoming area, Bonnie located 482 pounds of marijuana hidden in furniture located in the cargo area of a Penske rental vehicle.  This case started a nationwide investigation which lead to several arrests in numerous other states.


Another high point in Bonnie’s career came when she assisted a Cheyenne area Trooper with the search of a vehicle.  Bonnie had alerted to the vehicle indicating the odor of illegal narcotics existed within the vehicle.  After an exhaustive and non-productive hand search of the vehicle, Troopers redeployed Bonnie in an effort to pin point the illegal narcotics location within the suspect vehicle. Bonnie responded getting on to her hind legs and sniffing the open tailgate of the vehicle.  Bonnie alerted to the tailgate area. After Troopers searched the tailgate and they discovered over eleven pounds of the illegal drug, Ecstasy. This discovery also lead to numerous arrests and a nationwide investigation.


Bonnie had numerous other criminal interdictions in her career, but these were two very significant criminal interdictions, which her handler Karl Germain reflected fondly upon.

All working dogs are important and make silent contributions to their communities on a daily basis.  Bonnie was one of these very special canines. Her selfless work helped to prevent illegal drugs entering communities all across this nation. Thank you Bonnie for your hard work and dedication to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.


The Wyoming Highway Patrol and Bonnie’s former handler, now Captain Karl Germain wish to thank the Toman Family for the love and affection the gave to Bonnie in her final years and to the Humane Society of Worland for their generous contribution of providing for Bonnie’s cremation and an urn for her remains.


A poem by Karen Monghan –


“For the wag of a tail and the bark hello, to no other friend would I ever go. To whisper my fears and lick away tears. To run and to jump and twirl around, there’s no better friend that I’ve ever found.”


Rest in Peace Bonnie, job well done!

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