Secretary Of State Accused Of And Denies Sexual Harassment Claim

By Staff 12.14,2017
Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray is denying accusations he sexually harassed a woman 35 years ago.

In a post on her Facebook page, Tatiana Maxwell accuses Murray of the incident when they were both employed at a Cheyenne law firm. She says Murray tried to put his hands on her and tried to kiss her making her completely uncomfortable. She says she struggled and wouldn’t let him unbutton her pants, then he wrestled her to the floor, unbuttoned his pants and ejaculated on her stomach.

In a statement released to the Cowboy State News Network, Murray denied the accusation:

“I was shocked and appalled to read Ms. Maxwell’s statement. This baseless claim about an encounter from thirty-five years ago is unequivocally false. There is no basis to this falsehood whatsoever and it is deeply hurtful to me and to my family, as well as to everyone I serve.”

“I struggle to understand what would motivate someone to make this kind of accusation. But considering that this statement was made in the context of the #metoo movement, I want to take this moment to acknowledge the overall importance of this conversation, as well as to reaffirm my commitment to being an ally for women. As a husband of thirty-one years and the father of four incredible daughters, I take my role as an advocate for women with utmost importance. While I am deeply disturbed by this false allegation, I choose to allow this to serve as a reminder of how important it is to be an advocate for the courageous women and men who have spoken out against a very serious problem in our country. Sexual harassment is real and has no place in our society.”

Maxwell, in her post on Facebook, says she was hesitant to come forward with account of the incident, and that on two occasions Murray has brought the incident up her at social events. She states she has heard other rumors regarding Murray.