Senate Resolution Commemorates 125th Anniversary Of Wyoming Statehood


By Staff 7-8,2015

On July 10th Wyoming will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its statehood. Recently the U.S. Senate passed a resolution introduced by U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, both R-Wyo., to commemorate this historic day.

“For 125 years Wyoming has played an important role in helping to steer our great nation,” Enzi said. “It was the first to allow women to vote, appointed the first woman to be justice of the peace and had the first elected female governor. Wyoming also has the first national park, the first national forest and the first national monument. We may be few in number, but our time-honored hardworking, resilient and independent spirit is worth celebrating.”

“While our state has world class natural resources and one of a kind attractions, it’s the people who truly make Wyoming exceptional. I’m proud to join Senator Enzi and the people of Wyoming to commemorate such an important milestone in our state’s history,” Barrasso said. “As we mark 125 years of statehood, let’s celebrate Wyoming’s rich heritage, geological wonders, and genuine cowboy hospitality that provides a truly wonderful experience to visitors from all over the world.”