Senator Enzi Statement On Coal Mine Layoffs

Office of Senator Mike Enzi 3-31,2016

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., released the following statement today after layoffs were announced by Peabody Energy at North Antelope Rochelle Mine and from Arch Coal at the Black Thunder Mine, Wyoming’s two largest coal mines.

“Diana and I were heartbroken to hear about the layoffs from the coal mines earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are affected by this terrible news. This is a loss not only for the miners and their families, not only for Campbell County and Wyoming, but a loss for the nation. These job losses are nobody’s gain. That is something many who seek to live only in the political world need to realize. People need to see beyond politics and realize this impacts real people and communities in very stark ways.

“I am proud of the men and women who work to mine coal to keep the lights on and the factories working in America. Coal supports Wyoming and Wyoming supports coal. I work every day to try to save jobs. It’s a tremendous challenge with this president who doesn’t understand the importance of these energy jobs, the massive number of other jobs that also depend on energy jobs or the effect the price of all carbon based fuels have on the economy. We must continue the fight against the president’s economic assault on Wyoming and I’ll continue to do that every way I can.”