Sight in that new rifle now

If you got a new rifle or a new scope for Christmas, now is the time to get it sighted in.

Depending on the weather in your neck of the woods, now might be a great time to sight in that new rifle or the new scope – or both – you got for Christmas.

Down here in Cheyenne, it’s been pretty mild, weather-wise. Of course, by saying that, I might be jinxing us beyond belief. If you’re looking at sunny, wind-free days where you are, take advantage of ‘em while you can.

Get your rifle down to your gun shop and have ‘em bore-sight it. Then scoop up a few boxes of ammo and head to the range. If you have a good rest that’ll keep your rifle locked in one position, grab that, too.

That’s a great aid for sighting in. If you can immobilize your rifle, you can sight in with a minimum of two bullets. To do it that way, put your gun on the rest, make sure it’s secure, then shoot it at the bullseye. Then move the rest until your cross-hairs are centered exactly on the hole you just made in the paper, and adjust your reticle with the dials until they’re centered on the bullseye again. Make sure you don’t move the rifle while you do that.

If you don’t have a stable rest or vise, don’t worry. Just shoot in three-shot groups, and adjust for the center of each group.

Now’s a good time to sight in, because you’ll probably beat most of the crowds you can expect closer to the hunting season. Also, if you find you have a problem with your rifle, your scope or your mounting rings, you have plenty of time to get it taken care of before hunting season comes around again. It’s better to be looking for that sort of thing now than the night before you need to meet your buddies in the field at o-dark-thirty.

Besides, it’s always good to get out and shoot for an hour or two, even if it’s freezing cold outside. Actually, that might be even better, because you won’t have to wait as long for your barrel to cool down.

Good luck with your sighting in. I hope the weather cooperates for you.