Some wildlife can be found indoors

When I stopped working at my day job, I figured I’d finally have the time I needed to do more wildlife photography. I never would have guessed what some of those wildlife species would be.

I turned my attention from working a day job to focusing on my photography and writing on the first of this year. I ordered a new camera and a few new lenses, and I picked the gear based on its ability to get me the perfect shots of everything from songbirds like lark buntings to apex predators like grizzly bears. I figured it wouldn’t be long until I was getting award-winning photos of all sorts of wildlife.

But when you’re trying to make your living as a photographer, you don’t turn down many paying jobs. I knew I’d have the occasional family photo shoot, or senior pictures session. A few real estate shoots would be nice, too. But I never would have dreamed I’d be spending a February evening taking pictures of dudes dressed as women.

But hey, as I said, you don’t turn down paying jobs. So last weekend, I found myself in the Arts and Sciences Auditorium at the University of Wyoming, taking pictures of the United Multicultural Council Drag Show. I admit, I was a little uncomfortable at the outset. It was far, far outside my comfort zone.

But then I realized even though these were people, and I was inside, rather than outdoors, it was just another wildlife shoot. And believe me, my photo subjects certainly qualified as wildlife.

Once I got over my initial jitters, I was able to settle in and have some fun. It was hilarious and entertaining, but I admit it was a lot like my father-in-law. I’ve often told him he’s the only person who can amuse me, entertain me, and offend me all at the same time. This show had the same ability.

It was fun, but I think I’ll stick to the animal version of wildlife. At least, until the next time someone wants to pay me to shoot another drag show.