Sportsman’s Warehouse has a night just for the ladies

Guys, if you’re planning a trip to the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Casper or Cheyenne, you’ll need to do it before or after the evening of April 7. That night, the outdoors superstores will be open only to women. But that’s not such a bad thing.

The evening of Thursday, April 7, will be devoted to the women who like to go get dirty outside. The Sportsman’s Warehouse stores in both Cheyenne and Casper will be hosting their annual Ladies’ Night events that evening.

The Cheyenne Ladies’ Night will run from 6 to 8:30 p.m., and the one in Casper will go from 7 to 9 p.m. It’s a bummer it’s not open to both genders, but it’s set up that way so that women can learn, shop, test gear, win prizes and see demos without having us hairy, overzealous, testosterone-crazed guys screwing it up for them. It’s our own fault we’re not allowed.

Ladies' NightBut ladies, this night is just for you. Take a trip to Casper or Cheyenne, if you don’t live in one of those towns, on Thursday night. There will be special discounts just for you, and both locations will have experts on hand to show you how to use anything you want to learn about. There will also be games and drawings for cool gear you can use on your next trip to the field.

I’m not sure what products will be featured, but in years past, Sportsman’s Warehouse has brought in professional outdoorspeople to show off great gear – and some of it is designed specifically to fit women, rather than being men’s gear that’s just made in a smaller size. It’s a judgment-free zone for the two or two and a half hours, where you don’t even have to pretend to ignore your husband or boyfriend, because he won’t be allowed through the doors.

Come check out a new gun or fishing rod; try on some waders; pick out a sleeping bag; or learn how to use a GPS so you can lead your husband out of the woods next time he gets you lost.