Starting to feel the effects of cabin fever

Maybe it’s the lack of hunting I did this year, or maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had more wind than I can remember ever having to put up with in one winter. One way or another, I’ve got a bit of spring fever.

I don’t know if we really have had more wind than ever before this winter, but it sure seems like it. The gusts have slowed down all the way into the 20s for one or two very scattered days, but for the most part, it’s been miserably windy.

Combine that with the knowledge that I haven’t been able to spend more than about an hour outside at a time since August, and you have the makings of a pretty severe case of cabin fever.

I started a new day job back in May, so I don’t have many vacation days saved up. I wasn’t able to go hunting hardly at all last season. I might be able to take a few days during the light goose conservation order, but that still remains to be seen.

On top of all that, I’ve been working out at a local gym since June or July. All that running on a treadmill has really gotten me itchin’ to get outside. I’ve lubed the chain on my mountain bike, aired up the tires, and made sure the seat’s adjusted just right. I want that sucker in perfect working order the very first chance I get to take it up to Happy Jack for a spin on some of the forest trails. I think I’ll take my fishing rod, too, and wet a line while I’m out there, sucking in the scents of the forest.

Unfortunately, I think it’ll be a while yet before I can make any real progress on defeating this cabin fever. Even though that silly groundhog up in Pennsylvania predicted an early spring, I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think Punxsutawney Phil is calibrated for Rocky Mountain seasons.

I’m usually not such a sissy about winter, and I don’t normally wish it’d hurry up and make room for spring. I guess it’s because I didn’t much hunting done last season, and I’m just antsy for the spring hunting seasons to kick off.

I’m ready to go turkey hunting.

Come on, April.