State Board of Education Moving Forward with Public Comment on Perkins v State Plan, Standards and Certificates of Completion

The Wyoming State Board of Career and Technical Education (SBCTE) and Wyoming State Board of Education (SBE) met virtually on December 21.

The board convened as the SBCTE to review recommended updates to the Wyoming Perkins V State plan. The plan allows Wyoming to access federal funding for CTE programs at the K-12 and postsecondary levels.

In 2023, under Superintendent Degenfelder’s strategic plan initiative of Preparing Students for Jobs Through CTE, a cabinet of stakeholders representing education and business/industry was formed. The cabinet was tasked with providing recommendations to the SBCTE for updating the plan. The board approved opening the 30 day public comment period on the updated plan on January 8. 

“When I ran for this office, I made a promise to the career and technical education community that we would do everything possible to reduce the red tape and streamline our processes to support students more efficiently. This is a first step in reducing bureaucracy and enhancing CTE in Wyoming,” said Superintendent Degenfelder. 

The board reconvened as the SBE, voting to open rule promulgation for Chapter 10 Rules on standards. This action includes revisions to mathematics, science, computer science, physical education, health and safety, and fine and performing arts.

Before adjoining, the board approved rule promulgation for Chapter 1 Certificates of Completion, establishing new rules allowing students with an Individualized Education Program to receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging success in meeting their K-12 program of study.