State Rep. Nathan Winters Announces Candidacy for Wyoming State Auditor

Winters   3-27-18

Wyoming Representative Nathan Winters announced his candidacy today for Wyoming State Auditor.

“I am running for Wyoming State Auditor because I can bring vision and a plan for action to the auditor’s office that will help Wyoming taxpayers while keeping government small and close to the people,” said Winters. “The auditor’s office should promote transparency and government accountability while increasing efficiency and constituent service. That is where I intend to focus my attention.”

“For the past six years, I have been honored to serve the people of House District 28 in the Wyoming Legislature. My time in the House has allowed me to see more clearly than ever the challenges we face as a state,” Winters added.

“During my time in the legislature, I have worked consistently to advance a conservative budget, keep taxes low and support wise fiscal policy for the state,” said Winters. “As a member of the Management Audit Committee, I understand how programs can be efficiently run and where and how they drift from their original mission.”

Nathan Winters also announced that former Wyoming legislator, Director of Agriculture and candidate for Governor Ron Micheli will serve as Chairman of the Winters for Auditor campaign. “It is a privilege and honor to support Nathan in his run for Auditor.  Wyoming needs true conservative leadership at all levels and Nathan will bring accountability, transparency and conservative principles to this important office,” said Micheli.

“There are areas where we can make state government work more efficiently, but we need a plan to make state government run more smoothly. Additionally, we need greater transparency in how Wyoming taxpayers’ money is spent,” said Winters. “By making smart, good government reforms we can empower citizens to more easily follow their tax dollars and make informed decisions.”

Additionally, former Wyoming State Auditor and Secretary of State Max Maxfield threw his support behind Winters campaign. “I’m pleased to endorse Nathan Winters in his bid to become our next State Auditor. Having held that office for eight years, I understand what it takes to be successful, both in the Auditor’s office and on the boards and commissions that come with the office. Nathan is a proven leader and has earned our vote,” concluded Maxfield.

“Capitalism and private enterprise are the very underpinnings of this great nation. I am committed to working with the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) to ensure that the cornerstones of our economy – small business, energy, agriculture, and tourism – can operate unencumbered in a business-friendly environment while creating good-paying jobs and allowing our state to prosper,” added Winters.

“This is a critical year for our state and nation. I am grateful for the tremendous support I have received already from Wyoming leaders. I believe I have the conservative values and determination to make a difference while carrying on the tradition of smart, common-sense leadership that this office has enjoyed over the years. I look forward to getting out on the campaign trail and earning the support of Wyoming voters in towns all across this state in my bid for Wyoming State Auditor,” concluded Winters.