Super Tag Raffle Raises Over $600K

 BY Staff 7-7,2015

The Wyoming Super Tag raffle raised $641,950 from hopeful sportsmen and women from Wyoming, across the country and around the world. The Super Tag raffle was created by Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Legislature in 2013 to provide hunters additional opportunities to obtain difficult to draw hunting licenses and to raise money for  wildlife management in Wyoming. Through the Super Tag program, separate raffles are held for bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, elk, wild bison, deer, antelope, black bear and mountain lion licenses. Additionally, the Super Tag Trifecta allows one winner to choose any three licenses among those offered.     

In 2015, a total of 50,485 raffle tickets were sold, an increase from last year.

“We are seeing increased interest from big game hunters here in Wyoming and from elsewhere. That shows with the number of Super Tag tickets purchased and in our overall applications. This is encouraging, we know we have more to do to continue providing some of the best hunting experiences in the world and this additional revenue helps. Our thanks to Governor Mead and the Legislature,” Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott said.

Super Tag winners are able to hunt any open area for the species for which they are selected. Restrictions apply to big horn sheep and moose in areas with fewer than ten and eight licenses respectively.  Additionally, the five-year waiting period before re-applying for bighorn sheep and moose licenses and the once-in-a-lifetime restriction for bison and mountain goat licenses are waived. Winners retain all preference they have accumulated for the species for which they have been selected.